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Craft Ales & Draughts

Breakfast Menu

  • Bacon, sausage, fried egg, hash brown, mushrooms, black pudding, tomato, beans & fried bread or toast. go large for an extra £1.50

  • Bacon, hash brown, fried egg, beans & fried bread or toast

  • Omelettes


    Choose 2 of the following fillings; cheese, tomato, mushroom, bacon (extra fillings 50p)

  • Poached eggs & ham served on toasted English muffins topped with Hollandaise sauce

  • Choose 2 of the following: bacon, sausage, hash brown, mushrooms, fried egg, tomato, black pudding

  • Scrambled, fried or poached on white or brown toast

  • Buttered Toast & Jam £1.00
    Toasted Tea Cake & Jam £1.40
    Cheese Scone £1.40
    Fruit Scone & Jam £1.50

Cocktail Menu

Fish Friday Menu

Steak Night

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